Course Description

The NCSF Certified Strength Coach (CSC) course will prepare you to sit for the NCSF-CSC exam and to become employed as a strength coach. This educational course will cover all relevant content areas including performance assessment and evaluation, biomechanics, sport metabolism, nutrition and ergogenic aids, training techniques for athletic performance, and injury prevention. You will be able to develop exercise programs for a variety of specific sports and will acquire a deeper understanding of the role that various training techniques and energy systems play in the proper training of an athlete.

In this course, you will learn how to safely and effectively screen and evaluate an individual and to develop a specific, individualized exercise prescription or program based upon their evaluation. You will learn how to properly program, instruct, and spot exercises geared toward athletic performance. This will include drills for speed, agility, quickness, and weightlifting techniques. You will understand the importance of periodization and conditioning for strength and endurance athletes.

Upon completion of this course, you will have learned all the necessary content to pass the NCSF-Certified Strength Coach (CSC) exam and to practice safely and effectively as a strength coach. This course includes a voucher that covers the fee of the exam.

Course Outline

  1. Performance Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
  3. Training Techniques for Athletic Performance
  4. Advanced Programming for Sport
  5. Injury Prevention and Return to Competition
  6. Sport Metabolism
  7. Biomechanics

Learner Outcomes

  • Discover the secrets to achieving and maintaining elite athletic performance
  • Acquire the knowledge you need to pass the NCSF-Certified Strength Coach (CSC) exam and be on your way to a fun, lucrative, and satisfying career
  • Learn how to develop custom exercise programs for a variety of specific sports
  • Understand how to best avoid injuries and learn the latest science and methods behind rehabilitation training



  • Self-paced, online course
  • 6 months to complete
  • Open enrollment, begin anytime
  • 70 course hours


The NCSF-CSC course itself is available to all candidates interested in furthering their education in the field of strength and conditioning. In order to take the NCSF-CSC credentialing exam, candidates must be 18 years or older and meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Hold a current NCSF-CPT certification, or
  • A current NCCA-accredited fitness professional certification, or
  • An associate's degree or higher from an accredited college or university in an exercise profession or related field, or
  • REPs Level 3 or higher credential (individuals outside the US and Canada)
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